We shouted and sang and prayed it all day yesterday. It reverberates in us today as we prepare our bus trip a thousand miles back to the Apple. Part of what makes this declaration a clarion instruction for us, for our actions in the coming year: It was rhymed out hip hop style at Walmart and Target. It was sung in a church basement surrounded by cop cars beaming lights. And it was shouted in broad daylight, eating organic Thanksgiving dinner, at the headquarters of Monsanto. 

We feel the coming together of Human Rights & Earth Rights. God knows the anemic environmental movement needs a shot of Ferguson. The justice movement concentrated here in Ferguson, this CONSCIENCE SITE, a vibration back and forth from Michael Brown's memorial on Canfield Drive to a confrontation - well, yesterday we confronted police in two Walmarts and a Target, after a ecstatic gospel dinner at St. Lukes Church. 

Our talk of the Earth and of the crimes of Monsanto came up sideways, in conversations between lunge-ings by german shepherds and mace-weilding police under the Walmart logo. But the dots were connecting all day. The heat of Ferguson mixes with the long-game of the Earth activism. 

An Earth radical would concentrate on the super malls because they put the country into cars and trucks and killed the walking economies. For Ferguson, like everywhere, it is the only commons left. But it is also the summing-up of inequality, union-busting, the billionaire Walton family, and the presence of police who are paid by the public but seem to work for Walmart. Today, Black Friday 2014 - I feel the issues cross-fertilizing and rising up with greater clarity. 

Soon we won't be locked in the isolation of those hundreds of separate issues that clog our computers. The word FREEDOM will return to us with its meaning clear and with it a revolution that cannot be stopped.