Year Of The Honey Bee

1514973_10151810385760974_212395501_n-1.jpgOur Golden Toads will keep hopping in memory. But we're ready to follow Monsanto's money back to Vanguard, Blackrock and the other reservoirs of cash for industrial ag, cash for GMO seeds and the poisons that surround them, killing every ecosystem downwind. Down in New Orleans resting last week, I researched the Bee-killing Neonicotinoids Nazi past... The Bayer Company must be cast into the LAKE OF HELLFIRE! The Honey Bee's Devils have some fresh blood on their hands. Last year's extinction-creating Jamie Dimon from Chase Bank is a charming sort of Al Capone, you can see him across a room at the Met, smiley smiley quipy quipy about his $20 Billion in penalties and not a cent comes to us for the cost of fossil fuel billions. But the Monsanto and the Bayer people or killing right now as I type, bees and people both. They are faceless and brutal, although Monsanto place a VP (is the name Michael Taylor?) in the White House next to Obama's ear - maybe his face will become better known, god help us. I envision some renewable/sustainable earth-friendly JUSTICE for this man, from the African people who will throw off his deadly "green revolution." It's the Year of the Honey Bee, and thank you to... OH! A MIRACLE HAS TAKEN PLACE! - we genuflect before the Earth in hearing that our friend Jerry Delakas of 40 year old Astor Place newstand, our favorite singing spot, walked right up to the new mayor and asked for a stay on his eviction and got it. Jerry will persevere, we sense it. We'll pray hard at the kiosk after the Public show on Sunday, the show's at 2:30 we'll be on the street by 3:45 and we'll make that little box levitate over the Village. Amen.