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What Would Jesus Buy?

Screen What Would Jesus Buy? In Your Community!

Activists, church groups, and educators all over the country have been telling us that WWJB? is an amazing organizing tool against holiday consumerism. We want to help your WWJB? screening reach as many souls as possible!

- Download our Community Screening Kit (7MB pdf), which provides loads of discussion ideas, questions for your group, and tools to promote your event!

- Register your screening at BraveNewTheaters.com -- it's free and a great way to reach people interested in supporting progressive documentaries

- Order What Would Jesus Buy? (if you don't already have it) through our in-house Church Merch store! We appreciate your support of our activism.

Produced by Morgan Spurlock and directed by Rob VanAlkemade, this docu-comedy follows our trials and triumphs across the country as we preach and sing to help holiday-abused Americans find a new Christmas without products.


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We're happy to announce our DVD packaging contains NO PLASTIC and most of the container is made of post-consumer recycled paper.

This film has played throughout the US, bringing Fair Trade activists and Evangelical Christians together in darkened movie theaters, emerging with new tools to BUY LESS and GIVE MORE!

To promote a community screening in your area use BraveNewTheaters.com.


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"Fast and funny...

"Reverend Billy is zany and energetic enough to hold the attention of those he’s preaching to – average to extreme shoppers, many clueless as to what globalization means – long enough for them to consider his crusade."
– Laura Kern, The New York Times
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"Part horror movie, part agitprop theater, 'What Would Jesus Buy?' is a documentary on a mission."
– Kevin Crust, Los Angeles Times
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"Praise the lord and pass on the shopping"
– Walter Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle
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"This year, before being plunged into the pine-scented inferno, I've found salvation in a new movie..."
– Sara Stewart, NY Post
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Taking on Consumerism – Buy less give more: Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping.
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"The new film is Reverend Billy's tour de farce – a ferociously satirical and cynical take on consumer culture, pegged to America's most sacred spending season."
– Newsweek
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"It's crazy talk, I know, but trust me, it really is possible to enjoy the season without giving oneself over to the frenzy and anxiety of the shopping ritual."
– Rod Dreher, Dallas Morning News
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With enough new recruits for the action, perhaps we need not be subjected to the Shopocalypse.
– Walter Brueggemann, Professor Emeritus at Columbia Theological Seminary
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“As entertaining as it is jaw-dropping.”
– The Austin Chronicle
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“A brilliant documentary... I truly loved this film...”
– Ain't It Cool News
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"Tremendously entertaining."
– Julia Wallace, Village Voice
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"Heartwarming, inspiring, hysterical, emotional and life changing"
– Campus Circle
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"Brilliant performance art"
– Eric Kohn, New York Press
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"Rob Van Alkemade's hilarious, eye-opening documentary 'What Would Jesus Buy?' provides a simple and surprisingly powerful directive to the American people: Stop Shopping."
– Marcy Dermansky, About.com
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"Reverend Billy and the authentically soulful Church of Stop Shopping Choir are a polished act… By the time they're done, they've made a convincing case…"
– Maitland McDonagh, TV Guide
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"Combines vivid humor with sharp social commentary."
– Rich Kline, Shadows on a Wall
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"It’s a comical cry in the silent night against, as George Burns’ old song put it, the trend towards using people and loving things – instead of using things and loving people."
– Telly Davidson, FilmStew.com
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"... the passion that is evident in the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir is contagious and admirable. Many Christian churches could learn a few things from this secular outfit."
– Christianity Today
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"Yes, some may consider this blasphemy, but call me a heretic; I just couldn't pull myself away from it... I believe the effectiveness of a sermon is measured by the ability to change hearts and minds toward the greater good of an individual and the world around them and 'What Would Jesus Buy?' surely does that."
– Beliefnet.com
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