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Here we have chanteuse Gina Figueroa, obviously turning the Rev's worship spotlight toward her. The confusion of desire with consumer addiction is yet again our theme. What a sad and basic request from a besotted consumer: "Are you my Lover? Or are you my Logo?" But how terribly tragic when we are fooled into not asking the question at all and end up with a knock-off Omega watch and not Brad Pitt.

Film credit: Jacqueline Soohen and Rick Rowley.

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Words: Bill Talen
Music: William Moses
Vocal: Gina Figueroa
Band: E.K. Lewis / E. Johnson / N. Stevens / L. Gruenbaum / M. Smith / M. Tipton / R. Becker


Across a darkened room
I’m not talking, but I interrupt
You edge closer
tryin’ to sip but not kiss the cup

What company are you with?
Oh this -- it’s my new tattoo?
I’m feeling lots of logo here
Crawling up my leg like you

Do I have a lover?
What a question in a dump like this!
Was I trademarked in the corner?
Your remote on my big screen kiss?

Your love is digitized
You whisper in my ear “Now Dance”
How’d you get that rhythm?
You’re not moving -- you’re stuck in a branded trance


We’re not going to any chapel
Will you send me new graphics every week?
And if I say I’m lonely
Your company tattoo is on my cheek

Are you my lover? Are you my logo?