Who's gonna stand up and save the Earth?

Neil_Young_-_Per_Ole_Hagen.jpgIs it happening? "We're the people known as Earth." A simple anthem resurrects my tear ducts and gets them working again. Makes me want to take a walk outside in the trees. Put this alongside Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?" The lesson for artists with songs like these is that there isn't that aesthetic hesitation. Cleverness, irony, hidden things, "art" for its own sake.

Neil Young has his eye on the meaning, the arrival of the revelation. A crowd of friends and a big string section. He's confident of that conversation he's having with us, unafraid of seeming sentimental. Yeah, we should be sentimental, we should love the Earth. Say it straight! That's the LAST thing that should embarrass us. Amen? Well, that was always the gift of rock.

Makes me feel independent today, independent from the Exxon and Monsanto and their idea of the USA. I'm feeling fine. Get back to my dependence on the Earth.