Whipping up the gall and thrall

10486199_10204147892720195_5581579115980437104_n.jpgJust enough for the next activist transgression. Or as we say - "transformative trespass." I'm back in San Francisco this morning. about midway between the end of the last Joe's Pub show in New York's Public Theater and the return to that radical cabaret for the holiday run in November. 

Seeing this image I can feel the fluid organism called the Stop Shopping Choir. The propulsion here, the humor and music releasing - we were soon in a bus enroute to the military-industrial park in New Jersey where the wealthy trustees of the New York Public Library had taken the books of the 42nd St stacks, leaving the famous research facility between the lions damaged. Our brief song, the image-making before the faceless warehouse where they secretly took 3,000,000 books - was good, scary activist work, I believe. New Yorkers don't know where their books went! This is part of a worldwide movement, the 1% are moving against public libraries everywhere. -- Rev (Kim and Erik this is one of my favorites. Makes me so grateful for the choir. Can't wait to re-gather!)