What's Up With The March?

A week off. A thousand orgs & ads everywhere. Orange t-shirted volunteers with sign up sheets. "The Biggest Climate Change Parade." "Change the World! Sign up Now!" As one friend said, "We have to support this. What if a million people showed up?" And so the elusive Woodstock Moment is dreamed of. That means that we are ready to try again, after the experience of Feb 15, 2003, when millions DID show up, in 700 cities, opposing the War in Iraq, and we were labeled a "focus group" by the uber consumerist Geo Bush. 

Of course let's support this. The Church of Stop Shopping does. Our tour of the Apple's farmers markets continues through tomorrow, handing out the flyers prepared by the Organic Consumers Organization. We are working hard, if our march U-rah-rah isn't transcendent - our HoneyBeeLujah! sure is. We got a good Whoop going for the bees. Our devil Monsanto is in sight. I will tell you what DOES excite right now, and that is the increasing presence of Naomi Klein's new book, excerpted in The Guardian. Maybe she'll be here in New York in a week. I know Vandana Shiva will be. 

Ms. Klein and Ms. Shiva may hope that big marches still make a difference too. They might secretly hope that it gets the last liberal climate change effort out of the way, more in line with Chris Hedges' opinion. The fossil fuel complex & their bankers & marketers see us coming a mile away. If we have 100,000s out there and they dismiss us, as they will, maybe we'll feel the need for social movement of a very different kind. We need to start where Occupy left off: attack the 1% without permits, without slick ads or apps. Our actions must stop Capital, our art must change lives. Can we hit consumer culture with the force of the storms that are created by the anger of the Earth?