Welcome To The Resistance

15326266_10153939897605974_195589916554956065_o.jpgThis could take 4 years or 40 years, but you won’t be able to retire from this. You won’t be able to quit the danger and exhaustion.

Our job is the wall. We must smuggle people over it, dig holes through it and under it. We will take the young dancers on the Ghost Ship to Sophia Walinsky with her shattered arm. Black mothers will touch the whites who played God in the high school pageant and couldn't stop.

The pipeline investors doing expensive yoga in Chappaqua will come to care for the broken young men from Afghanistan and Iraq who stand in the blizzard firing sub-lethal projectiles at the children of Redwood Summer and Wounded Knee.

Many kinds of people immigrated to the United States when there was no wall. Why do we wear these walls around us?

Photo credit: Richard Misrach