We're not in a church basement anymore, Toto

11659299_10152826727570974_4658831099953469469_n.jpgThis is a picture of Jones Beach, where we perform July 21, opening for Neil Young. I think this audience is at a Phish concert. Since we got the invitation, I've been writing long letters to friends, because that's the best way to avoid getting the bends from the change in pressure. I can reflect on things as the theater I'm in expands for our songs and preaching. The life and works are not really at risk, though, because with us all things flow from the activism, or, as we say, "Nonviolent Dramatic Action." We are in the middle of a Glyphosate Ban effort, and if it is performed with some impact - something like, say, singing Pope Francis' encyclical to the Park's Department while surrounding a spraying truck, well, no - see? - that's not good enough. These actions need to be like folk stories that people can't help but try to excitedly repeat and even embellish to listeners, and the stories carry a meaning that grows and grows. That's the hardworking "expansion" that must go forward over the next month. After all, that's why Neil invited us, and that's how we invite ourselves.