We are all threatened animals now

15442185_10153952641615974_280502358535851797_n.jpgNot to be discouraging. We have to evolve in the next minutes and years, that's all. Grow new wings from our shoulders, claws for fingers... Most of all we need new dreams.

As a species, we've lost our way. We suffer extreme memory loss, which we were told was good for the economy. We don't know how loving we've been. We can't remember Peace. We think that justice is a new app.

We are entertained so much, how do we sort out when the toxins, and bullets, and advertising that celebrities fling against any passing Other - how do we know when our shopping for famous people is like a secret holocaust? We look up and notice drowning children and wonder if it had anything to do with us. We go for a hike and face a mountain that is completely silent, covered with death. Did I do that? Our solution to send in the drones. When the last mountain lion dies make sure it goes viral.

Life is re-organizing and the question is - will we evolve, too? That would be a gift, a real gift, to remain alive, considering what we've done. We sense that the Earth is making its move. The final songbirds take their position on the wind. They have a message to deliver, an instruction, a code. The Great Dying is here. The eco-systems know what to do.

The Earth asks its predator species to stand in one place and sing, as the regeneration begins.