Wacky Brave Organic Seeds

1622165_10152242926685974_5710384923434671865_n-1.jpgThings are going so badly now in the world and in our country that our activism feels like we are laying down a marker for a future that we can barely see. But life beyond the corporate state will be made unimaginable by the corporation. Of course. That is marketing’s job. So now our imagination needs your imagination. We'll have to keep each other going for awhile, and it might feel like our feet are off the ground.

You have supported our singing rituals inside investment banks and drone labs, and most recently, the James Forrestal industrial campus at Princeton, where the hydrogen bomb laboratory building of the “Matterhorn Project” adjoins the warehouse that houses millions of books stolen from New York libraries... Federal marshals guard these books owned by the public. Yes, knowledge is a dangerous thing.

The Stop Shopping Church’s escapades make press imagery and text. People carry the story like folk stories of old. We have sent our wacky brave half-hours out into the gushing flood of history, a marker that future resistance can use. Imagine that!

COOK ORGANIC NOT THE PLANET. We will parade in the farmers markets in New York City over the next two weekends, working with the Organic Consumers Association. Despite our mixed feelings about the whole thing - we will march in the Climate March on Sept 21. We’ll be with the Bee Bloc! 

For Thanksgiving we will go to Ferguson and Monsanto, we nearly have the money, thanks to so many sawbucks and twenties coming from you. This is a tough time, but if we keep something alive we will plant (organic) seeds for a future that we can only dream of now.