Valentine's Day Message

10603780_10152562848045974_872597069857102148_n.jpgBlack Lives Matter segues into gardens and libraries and back to defending ourselves against the police. In New York, the cops enforce property rights. Gardens and libraries, parks and hospitals are under privatizing attack, with a full-on lobbying (bribing) offensive in City Hall. But we got the faith. The books will return, the Rose Reading Room re-open, and the 1%ers in the library trustees LEAVE.

If we pretend that saving a library is not an issue of police violence as well as real estate violence, we are startled when the thin veil is ripped by our shouts and suddenly a gun is there pointing at us. Then a “communications officer” steps in to announce that we are the violent ones. 

The dots connect again and again, but we all have memory problems. Good politics is forcefully reminding each other. It does get spacey out here on the pavement under the iCloud. But here it is again: Human rights and Earth rights are the same thing. The Earth will remind us with the screams in her insistent wind. BUT ON V-DAY - WE SAY - LOVE-A-LUJAH!