United Kingdom Awaits

The Trump Depression Hotline starts tomorrow. Thirteen member of The Stop Shopping Choir will crisscross the UK in a bus, performing and doing actions -- this is an old tradition for us, we first went to the UK with the Choir in 2005 and we try to go back every couple of years. We learn so much amongst the activists of the UK, going back to Reclaim the Streets and the Anti-Road Movement, Ange Taggert and the vacuum Cleaner and our ultimate spiritual guides the Space Hijackers, the No 3rd Runway renegades  and the wonderful artists of Liberate Tate--among so many others including our collaborators on this trip BP or Not BP  


Rev at the Tate Modern by Sophie Mullins

but so much else to love in the UK, such a solid ecological movement there, adventurous thinkers, talkers and always a good laugh. So yeah, we are excited..... This Tour received some funding from the Arts Council of England in order that we might address issues of Access. With the help of our producers Catherine Turner and Anthony Roberts we hope we can open up even a little more access for more people. As radical artists I can't think of a more urgent calling than to get everyone to the table and now. We have so much work to do.