Turning Around Slowly

11782308_10153103249697424_1940443191957864821_o.jpgLOOKING BACK AT OUR NIGHT WITH NEIL YOUNG AND DARYL HANNAH. Yesterday we just took naps and long walks. It wasn't a chemical hangover. It was a performance hangover or no - call it an EXPERIENCE hangover. This morning we begin to wonder at the sophisticated loving sweep of the vision of these two, Neil Young and Daryl Hannah. I dimly remember a partnership like this during the Viet Nam War - this kind of courage was shown by Jane Fonda and DonaldSutherland with their tour of army bases during Viet Nam. The reason I am thinking of the old Peace Movement is because Neil/Daryl and Jane/Donald both deal in high stakes justice struggles. Not a lot of policy theory, or lobbying, or "meme-ing." It's WHAT'S RIGHT - WHAT'S WRONG - WHAT CAN WE DO. 48 hours ago Neil Young's "Rebel Content" tour just gave $100k to the legal team resisting Monsanto and Starbucks assault on Vermont's truth-in-labeling law, which outs GMO/pesticide foods. So they don't just invite local activists up on their stage to sing - they take money from ticket sales and they wire it directly to activists in the field DURING THE TOUR. This is the kind of hands-on fighting that the Earth demands in this time of crisis