Turn the power over to life

10854910_10152508097225974_6774338537872307664_o.jpgThe Life Government took office last week with unprecedented powers. On Tuesday a Life team detected glyphocastes drifting on the wind towards a school and the Life enforcers quickly located the source. Monsanto was spraying again, illegally using drones in the form of robotic sea gulls. 

The Life cops swept the toxic birds out of the air with hemp-powered dirigibles designed after African Hawk Eagles. Then Life swarmed Monsanto’s local supply depot, dismantling trucks, pumps, storage tanks. All Monsanto marketing imagery within 500 miles was erased by executive action. Within 48 hours Life reversed the cash flow of Monsanto’s bank, the Vanguard Mutual Fund Group – shooting the money into accounts of the poisoned.... 

Executives in Monsanto’s headquarters in St. Louis were put under house arrest, their computer messaging flown to the Chelsea Manning Institute of Technology for disencryption. The company’s board of directors were flown to the bedsides of cancerous children, as a part of the Life government's "Instant Karma" program. 

“Life will protect itself through the eagle-eyed enforcement of evolution,” was the terse comment by the government.