We need to go to Ferguson, Occupy, Gezi, Hong Kong, Tahrir, Syntagma in Athens, Plaza del Sol in Madrid, Moscow, and Idle No More and the Sea Shepherd - and Chelsea Manning's jail cell.  They allow us to escape the cluttered hall of mirrors that is modern corporate culture.  Products posing as sex.  Police posing as peace officers.  Apps posing as freedom.  

The only way to get through this glittering hell is to touch each other.  You hold me up, you comfort me.  I thank you and love you.  These strands of touching have been imitated and sold as merchandise for so long that now we must re-find the sensuousness for ourselves.  Touching that is not marketed leads immediately to revolution. 

Love and the willingness to die for it is all they have to fear.  Not loving is all we need fear.