Theory of Poison, Theory of Crime

11039280_10152866905665974_9026161712632349868_n.jpgIn New York there is an idea of crime prevention, and it is called "Broken Windows." The theory goes: little indicators of a ghetto life style must be cleansed before turning into hard crime. (Of course, many of the broken windows are simply cultural, i. e. hanging out on the corner, graffiti art, smoking weed).

We support a full ban on glyphosate, the toxin in Monsanto's product Roundup. As long as ten years ago the Parks Dept of New York was reducing its use of the deadly herbicide, but its use goes on. The language of gradualism, suggesting that there is an amount that is reasonable, is couched in soft, paternalizing tones. In fact, there is no minimum use for the deadly stuff. The studies link it to cancers, asthma, birth defects. 

That a little sin is a lot of sin only applies to black males. Eric Garner's selling single cigarettes - does that indicate he will kill someone because of his lax morals for small things? No. It means that he is murdered. "Broken Windows" applies more logically to racist police and Monsanto. Aggressive pursuit of small crime makes cops blind to bigger abuses later. And Monsanto's small poisons on your lawn become big poisons in factory farms. The murderers are moralizers. Hmmm...