14445995_10154004251118727_2447648882914493096_n.jpgWe had two events, the noon anti-gentrification rally hosted by Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE) - a New Orleans style jazz march from Barclays Center down to Gowanus Canal - this is Brooklyn. The second event of our day was our radio show on, which carries the same names as our record and book, "The Earth Wants YOU". We interviewed James Orr in Belfast - he's ED of the Friends of the Earth there. He talked of Place, the low country bogs and swan lakes under attack by road-builders. We reverted to Seamus Heaney's poems...

We're building a song - the choir has been group-writing it, the deconstruction of the 9/11 instruction...

If you can’t see something SAY something
If you can’t feel something TOUCH something
If you can’t say something SEE something
If you can’t touch something FEEL something
If you can’t see something SHOUT
If I can’t help something LOVE something
If I can’t change something STOP something
If I can’t love something HELP something 
If I can’t stop something CHANGE something
If I can’t love something SING
If we can’t hold something HEAL something
If we can’t grow something NEED something
If we can’t heal something HOLD something
If we can’t need something GROW something
If we can't heal something LOVE
Si no ve algo, DI algo
Si no puede sentir, TOQUE algo
Si no puede decir algo, VE algo
Si no puede tocar algo, SIENTE algo 
Si no ve algo, GRITA!
Si no puedo ayudar, AMA algo
Si no puedo cambiar algo, PARE algo 
Si no puedo amar algo, AYUDA algo 
Si no puedo parar algo, CAMBIA algo 
Si no puedo amar algo, CANTA!
Si no podemos sostener algo, CURA algo 
Si no podemos cultivar algo, NECESSITA algo 
Si no podemos curar algo, SOSTENGO algo 
Si no podemos necesitar algo, CULTIVE algo 
Si no podemos curar algo, AMA!