The Talk Show

12734225_10153243231015974_24962332952291888_n.jpgThis time, in Paris with Antoine du Caune. The show is the popular L'Emission d'Antoine. He invited me 8 years ago to Los Angeles where we invaded a mall together, preached, and in a comic turn of events that entertained on French TV, we got kicked out by mall cops. 

The writers who best describe the deadening impact of shopping are the French. Guy Debord of "The Society of the Spectacle", Raoul Vaneigem of "The Revolution of Everyday Life", and Michel de Certeau of "The Practice of Everyday Life" - are three examples of brilliant refractions of consumer culture.

I was invited to talk to Antoine last week, after eight years had passed since our collaboration in LA. He had grown gray-haired and famous, looking very much like Jon Stewart. He called me back last week, as the French struggled to rebound from the Bataclan massacre, playing footsy with the law enforcement overkill of "The State of Emergency" and Hollande's new macho pronouncements. In my talk on the show, before I exorcised his iPhone and flew into the audience, I wove together the state of official fear and the state of constant shopping. Was I convincing? Perhaps I covered up that question's answer by praying for Antoine's soul and crashing into his congregation. 

Antoine kept saying, "But we cannot stop shopping, can we? You have been protesting this consumerism for many years. Won't you give up?"

The Earth is not giving up. We appreciate doing what we believe the Earth is telling us to do. What's the good life if not the moral one.