The Parade's Gone By

9000_10152274394685974_3629918709667730134_n.jpgWe worked for a month on it and we're glad we did, but are also relieved to return to our own work. The climate march doesn't succeed as a stand alone event. It must quickly become practical radical work. Left alone, its success is as bland as a much-viewed television show sponsored by soaps, pain-killers and celebrities. After all, longtime polluters have embraced this "new era," but they have done this in the past as a stalling tactic. We agree with Sean Sweeney from big labor, who says that "fossil fuel company assets should be frozen immediately." 

We agree with Naomi Klein that "We have not done the things that are necessary to lower emissions because those things fundamentally conflict with deregulated capitalism, the reigning ideology for the entire period we have been struggling to find a way out of this crisis." That deregulator Bill Clinton was conducting his Davos West at the Sheraton Hotel while we marchers were shepherded around his celebration of corporations. The seeming grand marshall of the whole thing, Leo di Caprio, in his bad beard, was at the front of the parade but also in town to receive an award from the Clintons and the Gates and the Monsantos...

Just sayin' - this march was inclusive to a fault. No enemies were identified specifically. "Inaction" was the problem, by everyone. A problematic of our era is that our sense of evil has atrophied. We haven't used that muscle in the age of Consumerism, except for maybe distant brown people that we wish to bomb. Our sense of who the enemy actually is, and what the nature of our emergency is - is undermined by Consumerism. Those emotions are important for the media industry and are needed for selling those products. So this is going to be a tough job. We have to rediscover reality and respect it. This is quite beyond good marketing. The march will not have helped if it persuaded us that it was an end in itself. It was distributed like a giant product. The marketing got us. Now we need to leave it behind. (But it sure was fun!) Earthalujah!