The Mourning Is Over

15443041_10153945311930974_5238719969721483863_o.jpgIt's been a month since Trump won. Sometimes when we lose a loved one we mourn for a year, or two, or sometimes for the rest of our own lives. Losing the presidency to Trump seems something like that kind of loss, at least that's the way a lot of us are acting.

With the Trump win we can't afford to be in a woozy funk anymore. We need to admit that we are partly Trump ourselves, otherwise he would not have been possible. There is no "Other" here. We blew his smoke and positioned his mirrors. The reality shows and Twitter. We created this. We accepted it into our lives and into the lives of our children. We cooperated with corporate marketing even as it de-humanized our lives.

He understood something basic in his customers that a product campaign would want to know. He found that when he spoke so angrily that he didn't make sense, or remember the past or respect the future - that he was speaking intimately with the many Americans who are full of rage but powerless to carry it anywhere. Most Americans have no jobs or bad jobs and that is bad enough. More fundamental even than this: they have no listeners.

We are still in a state of paralyzed sorrow over 9/11. We have never been able to reform the violent security state that grew from it and grows to this day. Nothing in national life has been more damaging than the lassitude, the abandonment of knowing that followed the crashing of the towers.

We so thoroughly shrank from asking why these young men would fly those jets to their deaths. Did we actually believe that they were "jealous of our freedoms." What? We never ever came close to the question upon which we could mature, become compassionate and independent; that is, what is the rage that these young men experienced with so many American bases in and around their country.

I deeply appreciate that the San Francisco Gay Chorus abandoned their international tour to come back to the red states and sing. We need to be among them, and that will be very hard for some of us. The happy racism and woman-hating and warmongering... and the Earth-killing. But these people operate on a little-known radio band where there is only anger and no content. Our direct action must be to live with these Trump voters. I think I've got Trump people on my street. We have live with these forgotten Americans, oppose Trump the idea and not the human - and love the Earth.