The Great Returning

13336015_10153474904975974_2223151846657821425_n.jpgWe fired Him. The old male god is gone. We gave Him the pink slip. And so we are on our own, trying to find the meaning of our lives. Now what? 

We are starting over; as more and more people deny to the pollsters that they have any particular god. The percentage in the United States is approaching a third of the population. "No God Please" - is our number one religious belief. Many of us, then, are looking for the meaning of life from this zero-sum position. 

This is the Great Returning. If we find what our life is given meaning by our intimate relationships, by the mysterious complexity of neighborhoods and extended families, by giving service and to non-careerist arts - then we are discovering the natural world in our midst. A healthy community is a lot like a wild eco-system. 

Photo by John Quilty