The Good and The Bad Circling Each Other

11334096_10152836726900974_4906002924733034943_o_(1).jpgThe rising wave of awareness that overwhelmed so many, from southern governors to the supremes to the pope - leaves us surprised and delighted. This weekend was a hell of party! At the same time - there is an evil countervailing force from the passage of the free trade agreements, Obama's fast-track powers, the coercion of Greece, and the Earth-haters in the G-7, with their executioners' passivism. 

So we feel a rise of people power and we feel also the facile moves of the sweatshop/fossil-fueled market. Two worlds that are on a collision course eventually, but meanwhile probably can continue to co-exist for a time. The 1% may be learning that their militaries and cops cannot be too heavy-handed. When the gun doesn't work, they go to commercial media, buying and poisoning land, and the corruption of governments. So their violence can take many forms. We know that. The quiet revolution of sustainable food, energy and education meets their thrusts with a kind of tai chi. We don't have to be their consumers. 

A couple weeks ago the G-7 issued the death sentence for the children of all living parents. We'll be off carbon in 2100? This chilling idea was presented with giddy optimism. The ghoulishness of modern leadership had me down. Now suddenly, the power of Ferguson seems in step with the power of Stonewall. And we all sense the soon-to-rise power of the mass of humanity in the global south, where our neo-liberal economy has dumped its disasters. The Indignado are everywhere in the world, out-numbering and out-believing the old regimes. Now I'm liking our odds, but I know that the Earth will decide.