The Era of Lost Language

10603893_10152254246665974_2358123289302262715_o.jpgIt seems as if Syria and Washington are mirror images of one another: impossible partisanship, corruption, lack of fear of war in fact acceptance of bloodshed and acceptance of slaughtered children at the hands of long-distance missiles and drones... 

As things spiral out of control, there is a curious absence of helpful commentary, even of articulation. There are no longer great writers among the leadership of either place, not from politics, or religion, or business. Language has been republished into vagueness. You know what John Kerry will say before he shows up, with his face-job paid for by the Heinz ketchup fortune. You know what the leaders will say and do, and in the absence of creativity, surprise, artistry - there is a vagueness. 

This is the most publicly out-of-focus time I can remember. It is as if leaders don't even approach a statement feeling that they need to be independent of the teleprompters where all factors on the ground have been averaged for political safety. The teleprompters should run for office. Perhaps a new generation of robots won't believe in climate change and extinction. Maybe they will love clean air and clean water because it makes our children smile. Maybe robots will love smiling children who survive. Maybe the robots will be sentimental that way. Where am I going here? Robots are already running things and they are cold-blooded killers. And we are defenseless in this unarticulated, sleepy time. What do we do? Greenland's melting has doubled its rate of flow in the last 60 months. There must be clarity and drama in our communicating now. I leave you with this picture. It is the moment when we were threatened with arrest by federal marshals in front of a warehouse in New Jersey, where they secretly moved 3,000,000 books from the NY library.