The Bad Puns of HSBC

For those of sinners who still fly - we know the bad puns of the HSBC. The advertising campaign that traps travelers in the "jetway" - the hallway on wheels, wheeled up between the gate and the jet, where we stand in our last line before sitting in the airplane itself.


The HSBC puns campaign went on for years. One word would have several meanings. Example: The word SECURITY is repeated three times, the word blazoned over three images. One, an island with a lonely well-guarded house. Two, a teddy bear. Three, a passport with a security code on it. The word "security" with three different meanings for three different perspectives. HSBC positions itself as the "World's Local Bank" - doing business in 81 countries - by insisting that it is sensitive to the different ways that people in different cultures see things. But HSBC is a fossil-abusing bank on a world scale, according to researchers at the World Development Movement, in London. As a top financial supporter of climate-disrupting pollution, the bank makes us all insecure. It invests in coal mines and coal power, and heats the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. Now HSBC's profits take the security of a stable climate from us. HSBC's investments have one meaning for all people everywhere: Death, death and death.