Take The Zombies Alive

11539226_10152803370050974_1011882813785560073_o.jpgNothing is more important than your love of trespassing on corporate property. Please, please - be unafraid of their fake laws. Bamboozle them with the application of your surreal arts, your sexy boy and your streaming mind. The skyscrapers must become fecund ecosystems. The endless paved mono-culture must break apart and complexify into new life.

It starts with disobeying the corporations false mirage of laws. Don't believe them. They pay actors and lawyers to look at us and chuckle, caress, glide in our hands. That is marketing. Celebities are assholes. Celebrities work for Big Brother. Ordinary citizens like you and I must be the stars of this new blockbuster. It is the movie that no-one pays $15 for but everyone goes to. The revolution is made of flesh, not pixels. It is made of faith with our feet on the ground. It is real.

Steve Jobs and Donald Trump and Barak Obama are barkers at side shows in Coney Island. They have fluorescent fluffy bears for us if we hit the target. Don't buy it. Be an organic part of the latest super storm. Fly ancient trees like spears at the killers. Be a volcano erupting beneath the Monsanto headquaters. Forgive the Halliburton and Coca Cola and Chase middle management and then bring them to the big dance. The Earth is taking over now. It is revolution that is like remembering what we actually always were. I'm going native - are you? Yes? Earthalujah!