Still in Robes But Hot At The Hi-Line Ballroom

14055195_10153669066310974_4788172909394628786_n.jpgThe days when we still wore robes. Now the singers (featuring left to right, Gina (Grammy award winner for co-writing "Really Love" with D'Angelo), and Adetola Abiades & Jessica Wiscovitch in their crouch. We have emerged from the old Christian-like drapings to reveal the shoulders and hips and the rest of the Earth's gifts. And that is as it should be, as we evolved into into a kind of urban sex-positive paganism, and came to specialize in driving Monsanto's glyphosates from parks and schools, which is an invitation for sex to thrive and a disinvitation for premature death in the greenery around us. So, no green robes, thanks, we'll take the actual Earthalujah. Amen?