Stepping Back And Taking A Good Long Look

10626673_10152250648865974_2524532814663575932_n.jpgLife passages like birth, good fortune, love, a friend's death - invite us to step back and take that panoramic view of our lives. Something from the terrible summer of murderous cops and beheadings and the Earth's ongoing disasters has run straight into the good things, like receiving such gifts from you our electronic congregation (as well as physical neighbors on Sherman Street in Brooklyn) so that now we can go to Ferguson and sing and go to Monsanto's headquarters and have an organic and very public Thanksgiving meal. So, despair and radical change, the past and the future are dueting, like our emotions during a life event. 

And I step back from this summer and I remember the very first impulse in our Church of Stop Shopping: that consumerism is a violent con job and we can help each other back away from the products and return to each other. As singing activists, we have our campaigns. Since 2008, we've returned again and again to our Earthalujah! activism, trying to respond to the Earth's crisis. We'll go to a Walmart for the workers' fight for a dignified wage when they ask us. But we're more apt to take our disruptive songs to climate-wrecking banks or Robobee labs. Monsanto is the Devil these days... 

And yet something about this cruel summer urges me to have a healthy regard for that founding notion, that corporations shouldn't create desire where it doesn't exist, and make products that are destructive. David Yap sent this picture recently. I post it to honor where our journey began.