Stand With Us

10900124_10152494628610974_1130162800120822477_o-1.jpgThe police spokespersons are calling us violent in the New York press. The police say that I "attacked" them and the New York Post etc are growing the scandalous rhetoric, "attack" and "assault" being bandied about. Most tragically, they are exclaiming in public that they must clamp down on the uprising against police violence after Michael Brown and Eric Garner - because we are now "attacking the police."

Meanwhile, they don't seem to mind that their position is contradictory. They say scary things to reporters but are unwilling or unable to charge me with anything. In court they offered the standard no-charge of "Adjournment with Contemplation of Dismissal." An ACD is a hardly a charge. 

None of their dozens of officers will risk perjury by taking the stand. Could that be because nothing happened? I am trained in nonviolence. I would never grab, shove, push an officer. I would never express anything that could be misconstrued as a challenge. A veteran of protests from Vienna to Hawaii to Helsinki to Nairobi - I have never been charged with violence against police. In fact, I was handcuffed on Tuesday in mid-speech. The only question here is the 1st Amendment. The rest is their invention.

Here is the most offensive piece:

We appeal for witnesses and videotapes of the arrest to contact us. and 646 299 3019. In particular there is no video that captures the entire five or six seconds of the arrest period. We cannot be confidant that the MTA police will be forthcoming with surveillance camera from Grand Central - but of course are requesting the tapes. 

They have success criminalizing protest, calling the "Critical Mass" bicyclists violent, and then the same thing with Occupy Wall Street. Homeland Security was there in Grand Central and they are believed to have advised city police on the harassment of OWS. We will try to stand up to them. The protest against police violence cannot be called violent by police.