Shut Down Christmas

1412506_10153157539620974_4169215569226258735_o.jpgI had this same feeling after 9/11 and the first Afghani bombings. People turned right around and celebrated Christmas. What? How can we gather 'round the yule log with the house burning down?

I'm encouraged that indigenous activists and 25,000 Earth-lovers overwhelmed tourists at the Eiffel Tower on December 12th. And I breathe a sigh of relief from the stopping of the Mall of America yesterday by Black Lives Matter. Amen. Climate change and the racism are murder-fests so first things first: stop it.

Shut down Christmas. This year give the gift of inconvenience. Middle class fun must be re-sold with its costs clearly marked. You are being interrupted now. No more Christmas as usual. We weren’t watching what we consumed.

Take the Christmas out of the Solstice! Earthalujah!