Save Our Library From...A Nuclear Winter?

10506574_10152188374235974_3346736622778186836_o.jpgDragonfly, Sarah and Monica - in a moment of terror, a moment that activists know well. 

Arrest and detention is imminent because the information about where the protest is taking place is wrong. We thought we were singing outside of a warehouse in New Jersey, on the outskirts of Princeton University, where the trustees of the New York Public Library (investment bankers, slumlords and socialites) had secretly shipped over 2,000,000 books from the 42nd Street Library. And the books ARE there, but something monstrous is there with them...

So we thought New Yorkers should know where their books went, and how these rich people want to turn one of the world's great libraries into some kind of gigantic starbucks with computers and bad coffee for everyone... So we rented a van and took a thousand of our personal books in suitcases and made this little stonehenge circle of books on the lawn outside the warehouse and we began to sing. Security officials came out to talk to us immediately and Savitri did a great job stalling them with all kinds of talk. 

About 6 minutes into her conversation she suddenly gasped and screamed, "Get the books! Let's go! Back to the van!" In record time we we fleeing in our rents-van. Why? It turns out that this storage facility with our stolen books in it is a part of a larger building which is a federal laboratory where they are developing the H-Bomb. This is the Princeton Plasma Physic Laboratory. We are on the James Forrestal Campus - he was Sec. of the Navy or something... There are fusion chambers in this place maintained at 20,000 degrees Fahrenheit. We are on high security Pentagon property and federal marshals are on the way. The story of "Our Books And the H-Bomb" will continue next week.