Rev's Thanksgiving Eve Message

10689663_10152391045910974_921447865731268659_n.jpgThis year is a hard turkey-day. We gather around the steaming food, our chairs pointed inward, trying not to notice what is behind us. Our thanks must stretch from our loved ones at the table all the way over the miles of shopping and violence to Chelsea Manning alone in her cell, to the camping protesters in freezing Minneapolis at Precinct #4, to the sixty million immigrants struggling to find a home.

We are not grateful that we live in a gated community, with false information about the world glowing on screens on our walls. Deep gratitude must come from real love, and shopping is turning to an act of hate, as carbon-intense big retail kills the very people that receive the gifts.

Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday is life vs. death. The bizarro world that the commercial press calls our mainstream economy is like being shot in the back while we try to run home. Our thanks must be so strong that the police who will stop shopping as they are startled to experience real love and real justice, and they lay down their guns in gratitude...

We address our piled-high meal, with Trump and Exxon and ISIS blowing on the walls of our dining room like Hurricane Yolanda. Our thanksgiving tells us: it is time to rise from our chair, turn around and face the world, and take action.