Reflections on our rage

10850204_10152407061135974_5919028774326029418_n.jpgRacist cops murder African Americans. The revulsion brings us together in transcendent scenes like last night on the bridge. Three years ago we had Occupy and three years before that the mortgage fraud scandal and world-wide recession began. Meanwhile, American drones slaughter families. And climate change kills the poor every day.

This keeps happening and each time the issue is life and death. A starkly violent issue comes to the center stage and suddenly a large number of us respond. Now we have this present moment, where racist police and court systems have exposed the government and corporate elite, evil unbroken since slavery and the collusion of fear-mongering and profiteering. We must not forget this, as we so often have with these historic justice events. This is murder by a subculture of fear and machismo, a culture that is unconscious of its violent privilege. We can’t rotate this issue away, enroute to the next one. We can’t default back into conveniences, entertainment and on-line dating. 

These murders are a symbol of systematic violence against the powerless in all its forms, including poisoning the Earth and economic violence. Our time is running out. We will have to stick with the unforgettable issues and build our response for the longterm. This current uprising is the place to start. This issue can’t be put in the past by putting a few cops in jail and changing some rules. We can’t let up until the cops help us put the CEO’s in jail and big money is out of government.