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December 5, 2013   |   Vice USA
At 1 PM on September 12, performance artist Reverend Billy Talen and his Stop Shopping Choir walked into a JP Morgan Chase asset management bank on 52nd Street. and Park Avenue in Manhattan. Forty-five minutes later Bill and his musical director, Nehemiah Luckett, were getting handcuffed on an F-train subway platform by the NYPD with charges of rioting, menacing, and disorderly conduct. Now, Billy and Nehemiah are facing a year in prison.
December 5, 2013   |   WNYC
 Brian Lehrer intereviews BIlly about his upcoming hearing.
November 26, 2013   |   Democracy Now
Reverend Billy makes an appearance on Democracy now to discuss recent events and upcoming hearing
November 25, 2013   |   Guardian UK
Billy Talen to stand trial for preaching on bank's environmental record accompanied by choir members wearing toad hats 
October 31, 2013   |   Village Voice
Two New York activists are facing a battery of misdemeanor charges, including rioting, for a fifteen-minute musical protest they staged at a Chase Bank in Midtown last month. They were wearing toad hats at the time.
July 30, 2013   |   The Gaurdian
As art, it's imperfect, and that's fine. As activism, the Church's honesty, passion and lack of cynicism is inspiring. 
July 21, 2013   |   The Guardian
Reverend Billy's singing activists dressed as extinct species plan 'gentle' demonstration against irresponsible lending
July 21, 2013   |   Time Out London
The best cabaret performance entertains but it also reminds us of what’s possible when all the people in a room decide to collaborate.
June 14, 2013   |   New Left Project
Not for the first time, it all feels a bit end times. 
June 10, 2013   |   Raw Story
Reverend Billy Talen of the Church of Stop Shopping and a small group of singing Golden Toads briefly invaded a Chase Bank in Brooklyn on Saturday.nbsp;
May 13, 2013
In his bright white suit and rockabilly hair, the Elvis-channeling, megaphone wielding Reverend Billy is as familiar figure on the NYC protest scene  
May 5, 2013   |   OccupyWallStreet
If you are prepared to object to the unholy union of big business and the United States government, we implore you to join us in Albany, Tuesday, May 7th 
April 25, 2013   |   Rainforest Action Network
A guest blog post by Reverend Billy, leader of the Church of Stop Shopping, an activist performance group based in New York City 
April 24, 2013   |   AlterNet
Billy Talen, known as Reverend Billy, talks about his new book and says, "We need to be honest with ourselves about the danger we are all in with the natural world."  
April 23, 2013   |   The Huffington Post
Few souls are blessed with proper amounts of spunk and Earth-justice panache as Reverend Billy.  
April 23, 2013   |   SFGate
Bill Talen, a performance artist from the Bay Area whose fire-and-brimstone sermonizing against shopping has annoyed captains of industry from coast to coastnbsp;
April 16, 2013   |   San Francisco Bay Guardian
Reverend Billy Talen and his Church of Stop Shopping come to town 
April 7, 2013   |   No-7 Eleven
Resisting Chains and Corporate Control  
March 7, 2013   |   UTNE
Environmental activists can easily come off as preachy, but Reverend Billy keeps it fresh with street theatre and the occasional dose of irony.