10647145_10152272541225974_7262949512347782749_n.jpgHere is our community elm tree, the Bendy Tree, in its last moments. Bendy was chopped down because a New York City arborist said it was "hollow" and "rotten" and "structurally unsound" and posed a threat to passersby... She was supposed to be 130 years old at this point, but I'm sure on the source of that age estimate. 

Now I was in jail at the point that the boys were completing their task, but we got this picture. What is your tree doctor's opinion of the interior of this trunk? Isn't this the way a healthy tree is supposed to look? Tell us. I can say that the tree had no dead branches, was fully leafy, although of course Bendy had her strange sideways approach to the sky, probably caused by a bigger tree blocking the sun, she made a move and took a horizontal ride, then up and out with her smaller branches in the opening to sun and rain that she found to the east of her more powerful sibling. There is that vaginal-looking "canker" at the base of the trunk. Would that be part of the city's assessment as to the tree's stability?

We ask members of Earthalujahville - please convey this request for experienced opinion to your forest friends. Amen! If you like to contact us privately, email is