12342556_10153122898140974_3920441779985728983_n.jpgEach of us creates our own map of the world. We do it alone. In the Church of Stop Shopping we say that each of us carries inside 713 stories that we have selected.

We capture experiences, memories, dreams. We fashion our life from the lessons that these stories teach us. If we collect stories of revenge, we are vengeful. If we carry stories of love, we love. However, we can carry stories that conflict, stories of love and hate battling for our attention inside our bodies, leaving us exhausted with flash floods of emotion and confusing signals to our friends.

Fundamentalist corporations and religions and militaries - try to introduce stories that compel us to follow. The strongest and the largest of the western fundamentalist religions is Consumerism, and we are the Church of Stop Shopping. We encourage you to enter the adventure of personally selecting your stories, the ones that have in them antidotes for fundamentalism like utter, complete, uncontrollable surprise, the mysteries, the quantum physics of the honeybees and the wind, the landscape called intuition; in other words the 99% of creation that is unexplained.

At a time in history when people express themselves by shooting bullets and CO2 gas, there is nothing more valuable then what we don't know. That is where Peace waits for us.