Bring your beliefs to a new religion: The Church of Earthalujah!

Contribute your beliefs to our new Earthalujah religion! The beliefs you send that - well they go into our weekly Sunday service. Amen!

Click here to submit your "We Believe" statement

 Here are some examples:

We believe the meteorologist forgot to mention there is a freak storm coming that will save us all.

We believe that laughing with abandon shows respect for the Big Bang.

We believe that the Fabulous Unknown is dismantling the historic mistake called the corporation.

We believe that the part of traditional gods that is “beyond understanding” is the life of the Earth in action.

We believe that the greatness needs to be re-considered, since a big man in front of an applauding crowd is unremembered by the Fabulous Unknown with a shrug of wind.

We believe that the only possible future is the Ghost Dance.
We believe that the argument for death is the greenwashing by corporations and the plea for life is the rising of the oceans.



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