Singer of the Month!!! Shilpa Narayan

When we first met Shilpa she was leading  a "Make out! Not War" action with Code Pink in Union Square. We all really fell for her, because she is so kind and so intelligent, or  maybe because she can dance like a demon or  because she can stay up late and still be a lawyer the next day or maybe just  because she's the kind of person we all strive to be and she laughs so easily and so frequently.

From Shilpa:
I'd like to thank you [Savitri], and Rev and the choir for all the continuing love that I have felt ever since I first joined the choir and this community. I have never been in a group that is as magnanimous as it is talented. Coming to rehearsal and seeing all the beautiful smiles and feeling warmth from everyone is a huge turn-on and gets me all riled up. You all are marvelous.


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