Ever wonder what it feels like to be really honest?

We've been taking murdered mountain top mud into Chase banks all over the country for the last few weeks, now we take the murdered mountain mud into the minds of the people deep inside those banks -- WITNESS  the disinvestment in this brand new video from the Mountain Loving Faithful at the Church of Stop Shopping.

These Chase employees are clearly troubled by the news that their "conscious" and "sustainablity minded" company blows up mountains to pay their salary. We imagine there are many more like them inside Chase.

We invite you to disinvest with us, share your story, take pictures, make a video, and remember to tell Chase WHY you are leaving.

Lets Stop MountainTop Removal!

Dis-investing Resources:
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We are all sinners, children....

We know that we must disinvest from JP Morgan Chase, but where do we go? Well, we're throwing the question to our congregation! Which local banks do you recommend? What have your experiences been closing your accounts with big banks like Chase? The conversation continues right here on our forums! AMEN!

Sister Dahlia has begun with this info from a banking friend:
> 1. Please please please think twice about listing New York Community Bank (or its subsidiaries: Queens County Savings Bank, Roosevelt Savings Bank, Richmond County Savings Bank, and Roslyn Savings Bank). Although it has the word "community" in its name, it is *notorious* in the affordable housing world for predatory lending on multifamily housing and, more importantly, to be the least responsive than all other banks to working with building owners to rectify abysmal housing conditions for tenants. (Ironically, one of the most responsive banks on the overleveraged multfamily housing issue is actually Chase, which has a pretty robust Community Development division in NYC.)

> 2. Please think about listing Shorebank (http://www.shorebankcorp.com/bins/site/templates/splash.asp). Although they're based in Illinois, and therefore are only good for savings accounts & CDs, their whole thing is mission-driven investing. One of the few (only?) banks that explicitly do that.


Brennan Cavanaugh:

The Lower East Side People's Credit Union
Two branches:
Ave. B and 3rd St.
ACPJr. Blvd (7th Ave) and 123 St.

Been in business for almost 25 years, keeping $ in the community
checking/savings/money market/business accounts



Sister Dahlia:
Still undecided . . . but enjoying this process! Here's some more for y'all:

I've emailed Brooklyn credit union to find out if they do syndicated lending, which means their funds go through big banks like Chase anyway. The financial and annual reports on their website wouldn't open for me.

More info from my friend:

Here's a local one that looks like they do most of their own lending
(ie, don't just do syndicate lending with the big banks). I know them
from the affordable housing world, and looks like that's basically their
bread and butter, with minimal syndicate lending.


Sylver Pondolfino:
anewwayforward.org has tips on how to close your account and links to credit unions and community banks. it's an organizing web site promoting the break-up of the big banks. but with the syndication issue, it looks like it'll take a bit of research on each bank to feel safe.

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