Official Murder vs. Mother and Widow

safe_image-6.jpgMr. Garner's murder leaves us fearful in New York that we never left the police tradition of five terms of Republican mayors, 20 years of constant murders of unarmed men of color, by the city's unrepentant police. 

Giuliani and Bloomberg were two kinds of thugs, one the out racist who would publicly scold widows of murdered husbands or mothers of murdered sons, calling their anguish "not helpful." Bloomberg was blander, a Clinton to Giuliani's Bush, but the killing continued.

Now this week, with Palestine as a backdrop, old violence that has not been dealt with rises to take more lives, as our children take it in, children like mine, who were not born in the era of the gunslingers Giuliani and Bush and bin Laden and Sharon. Al Sharpton is right. This is not just a question of training. It is more basic than that.