NY's Bendy Tree

10694304_10152262565005974_1931593600681700371_o.jpgThis morning Laurie from the Stop Shopping Choir put up signs on the Bendy Tree in Thompkins Sq Park. They read, "Wait for community review. DO NOT CUT" This is the horizontal angled tree (135 years old) slated for the chainsaw by city officials. 

Bendy points directly at Charley Parker's old apartment on 1st Avenue, my point being that the tree is an utterly independent solo dancer, and we like to think that the E Village still protects the originals. Yes we believe - there is a future after gentrification, where the 28 year old stockbrokers will listen to Bird and the people who made this place what it is will return to livable rents. 

There a many ways to let the tree fall if it as rotten as officials claim. But this may be a case of the doctor saying you've got a month to live when ten years of life are in store. Bendy has no dead branches, and is healthily covered with leaves. Peoples Climate March folks, come by Bendy and affirm your support. Whisper to Bendy, harmonize and pray (non-patriarchially), and be ready to confront the officials who go so quickly to the gun, or I mean, the saw. In Amsterdam when the Anne Frank tree was about to fall from age, the community made space for it to have its last sway in the breeze. Respect life, back away and be safe, put up a fence and regard the life that is ending.