Not Another Meme//Writing Matters Again

In the 70's, Joan Didion had a realization that overwhelmed her. She was motoring in Los Angeles at the time, working on a movie, and it dawned on her that "narrative doesn't matter anymore" in American culture. She had to pull off the road. I'm an American in Scotland, on my first morning after the flight from New York, and I'm having a double-take in the opposite direction. 

Language DOES matter here, so much so that I'm suspicious that SAYING SOMETHING could make a difference again. There are 4,000 plays and solo shows in the Edinburgh Theater festival, mostly made of writing. The newspapers are chock full of funny, articulate commentators, and the sheer conversation over tea puts wind in the sails of the brain... 

Fracking is threatening Scotland. Monsanto's CEO comes from here and is rumored to live here. The Tory government is pressuring the country not to leave the UK. There would seem to be much to talk about. Our four hundred bees and tulle and fabric lilies - arrived intact. The HoneyBeeLujah singers are enroute. There is a great itch between my skull encasement and my tongue, called preaching, the earthy no-god-please kind... Looking forward to a resuscitation here, of the WORD!