No Emergency Today , We're Consuming

11402330_10152786003430974_3819700370674857444_o.jpgThis week's statement by the G7 in Germany, that we would get around to de-carbonizing the world's economy by the "end of the century." Well that plan was vetted with Davos, Dotcomland and all the corporate Devils, that's for sure. Because this is like saying there's no emergency at all. GivingĀ themselves 85 years to adjust, the leaders of the rich countries have removed any immediacy from the crisis.

Strange that in a few days we also have the "Climate Mobilization," a many-cities gathering of activists who are calling for a World War 2-style mobilization against climate chaos, a right-now radical change in our public policies. As 2400 people die in India's heat-wave and it seems every continent has its apocalypse, this would seem to be a more sensible response. A founder of the Climate Mobilization, Margaret Klein Salamon, will be with us in person in the studio to talk with the Rev, guest co-host Dragonfly, and the Director of the Church of Stopping Savitri D. Nehemiah Luckett, the musical director of the Stop Shopping Choir will be at the piano. Our producer is Jeannie Hopper, assisted by the legendary Reggie Johnson.