New York's Bendy Tree

10698490_10152259317900974_1012462189204317653_n.jpgBENDY TREE from Thompkins Sq in NYC's E Village, threatened by well-meaning chain saws. Called old/dangerous, the tree that bends horizontally is set for destruction. Bendy Tree symbolizes the independent thinking of the E Village. In the tradition of the New York cops, the only way to take down this living thing is to kill it. But a community of creative and compassionate people could make an area for the tree to fall, if it must. 

That is what they did in the Netherlands when Anne Frank's tree was endangered. Bendy Tree is 135 years old and has seen a great deal that we would be curious to witness. But it seems healthy to us, if not to the professional who wrote out its death sentence. Despite the tortured yoga position the tree has assumed, it doesn't have a single dead branch. It's bursting with leaves. We should protect life with our life. Because it is symbolic of our village, and seems to point right at Charley Parkers old apartment, let's respect our weirdo tree, the Bendy Tree. Don't chain saw it now, give the community a chance to get a second opinion, and find a way to make way for what the tree must do without endangering the public. attach a picture of the Stop Shopping Choir in a good tree-hug and song. Just above the frame of the photo, believe me, the Bendy Tree goes straight east for a long ways. That was its decision!