New Year's Statement

10906361_10152473901820974_1176058797673498491_n.jpgViscountess Nancy Astor once said "The main dangers in this life are the people who want to change everything - or nothing." This robber baron royal lived in another time, yet I've seen her quote posted recently as a meme, on social forums. Clearly many of us would agree with her statement. We feel safer with the moderate course, the reasonable alternative that doesn't upset people.

In 2015, moderation is the main danger. The Earth's crisis makes Lady Astor's approach naive to the point of suicidal. Now, in 2015, we cannot be moderate in our reduction of fossil fuels. Gradualism has left us with drought, disease, flood and fire. We've learned "reform" in negotiations with big banks and corporations - is the dangerous choice, because it amounts to changing nothing. The seduction of Consumerism and the brute force of Militarism have distanced us, for many years, from taking the action we must take. But inside each of us is a freedom fighter rising up. 

In 2015 we will be unafraid to defend our Earth, our community and our family. These shells of shelter, from personal to universal, from our loved ones to the loved One, will be defended from the invisible toxins, form the bullets of fear, from the profits of violence. We are unafraid to - we are glad to - change everything! Earthalujah!