Necessary Love

1922276_10151879027990974_1873506107_n.jpgOur lawyers want to use the Necessity Defense for Nehemiah and myself and our trial for the "Golden Toad Invasion" of the Chase Bank last fall. The Necessity Defense says that we are innocent because we had to commit a small crime to prevent a much greater and deadly crime. The Necessity Defense implies that no government or presiding authority is doing anything about the deadly crime of climate change, and that citizens must of necessity defend themselves. JPMorgan Chase is investing in industrial projects that cause climate disruption and ecosystem mortality. Climate change kills millions of people annually. The extinction is accelerating to hundreds of species of life, each week. So we will argue that singing a song about extinction in the lobby of a New York City Chase Bank is a necessity. 

The metaphor often used to explain the Necessity Defense is - forcibly taking a gun from a person who is aiming at someone. But love is the better demonstration. I love you because a greater thing is possible, not because a greater thing must be prevented - and yet when love overwhelms hate - it is prevention, it makes peace. I love you because it will grow into peace, touch, music and more love. By loving, I am preventing violence. The outcome is the same as a skillful theft of a killer's gun. But love is the form of violence prevention that is no longer thought of a practical. World leaders don't talk about it without a sentimental grin on their faces. Love is not necessary.

Aleppo, Syria - the barrel bombs and the 500,000 refugees. The maimed children. The nightmare of it. Where was love when we needed it? When was it necessary? Years ago? And what if we felt it now? Is that suicidally naive? But the inability to imagine the possibly of loving these murderers, loving them until they cannot hate, is leaving the murderer to his murder. This absurd violence goes on and on. We watch this slaughter of innocents and call it "Sectarian violence" or some other lie. It is lovelessness. It is like a vacuum that bursts into flames. The children are engulfed in the flames of lovelessness...