Naked Grief At Deutsche Bank

6966251554_94cde903fa_o.jpgAbout 80 people accompanied Reverend Billy and Savitri D -  founders of the New York City based Church of Stop Shopping - to a political ritual, "Naked Grief" in the lobby of the Deutschebank in Barcelona's Placa Catalunya at noon today.  The action was organized with activists and artists of The Influencers Festival. After entering the bank lobby, the crowd began dramatically weeping.  Savitri D disrobed, and as the Barcelonans around her cried, Reverend Billy implored the "God of Deutsche Bank" to stop investing in CO2 emitting coal-fired power plants.  Eventually coal was poured over the head and shoulders of the "Naked Mother" as the crying crowd shouted "Earthalujah!"

Local officials issued a Loitering Charge but no arrests were made.

Bank lobby rituals and political performances are also planned in New York and other cities as part of the FEAR OF BANKING tour.  Talen was previously a part of an action by Cabaret Voltaire at the UBS in Zurich.

Deutsche bank, according to Rainforest Action and other earth justice groups, is among the top financiers of CO2 emitting coal industries around the world.