Bringing Coal Mountain Mud to Chase

There's a mountain in my lobby!
Bringing Coal Mountain Mud to Chase
On March 21st we built a mountain in the lobby of a Chase branch on 2nd Avenue & 10th Street in Manhattan made from the murdered mud of Coal Mountain in West Virginia. Perched on top we left a letter for the CEO of Chase Jamie Dimon. His bank currently finances 80% of the Mountain-top Removal mining that is killing Appalachia.

From The Billy Pulpit:
  • Rev. Billy's meditation on the event, A Mountain for Remembering: "We remember what to buy and we forget mountains. I tried to remember what to say yesterday in front of the Chase bank in the East Village, but afterwords I swoon with all the things I forgot to say. I remembered the mountain, though, this time. We all did."
  • Two words: MOUNTAINTOP REMOVAL: "We have the weapon of this imposing phrase, Mountaintop Removal. Sometimes it feels like all we have is the amazing accusation of those two words. The corporations know that the two words cannot be allowed to survive. They put billboards all over Appalachia cutting the stubborn phrase Mountaintop Removal with patriotism, with energy independence, with prosperity and education for Appalachia’s underserved youth. In other words – they are trying everything. None of it works. The mountains are still there in our minds, with these two words standing in for the 470 missing Appalachian peaks. Mountaintop Removal."

Pictures from the event by John Quilty and Brennan Cavanaugh...

Rev. Billy and choir make a mountain, singing "Bring back the mountain children, Chase is gonna bring back the mountain!"

The choir sings our mountaintop anthem

Rev. Billy leaves a message in the mountain for Chase CEO Jamie Dimon:

Justice Ghost for Chase Mountaintop Removal

The cops inspecting the aftermath, from a blogger across the street from the branch.

More Pictures...

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