Monsanto Wants To Change Its Name

10420415_10152395753200974_3235996269604970805_n.jpgThe CEO of the industrial ag giant that brought us Agent Orange, PCB's, bovine growth hormones, honey-bee killing neonicotinoids, suicide seeds and all the rest... spoke of his frustration with the bad reputation of Monsanto in the New Yorker last year, in the piece which attempted to assassinate the character of Vandana Shiva. This reminds us of Blackwater USA's attempted escape from its homicidal reputation by taking the completely mysterious name of "Xe".

Monsanto you cannot escape and you won't. GMO farming will be defeated by the Earth's natural powers, as expressed through the humans who join the Earth in the defense of wildness, health, and food free of corporate manipulations and fossil fuels. YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!