Monsanto Robots Now For Sale

The mechanical zombies walk and talk and shit and jay-walk to work. What I mean is - what you do to nature you do to yourself. 

If you plant toxic seeds and kill everything that is wild, and only encourage the growth of super-steroidal monster plants that make money, then that is what you become yourself. Monsanto's executives are mechanical zombies, robots for sale. They spray and inject in the soil millions of tons of carcinogenic nonsense chemicals test-tubed from fossil fuels, then when the honey bees begin to die (bee hives are the holy spirit, are a large rose, are the blankets of love wrapped around the seed of life) - the robots in suits start a Bee Health Institute. 

You see, Monsanto believes that Americans are zombies too. They think that we don't notice. They don't believe we feel betrayed and weary from the lies of commercial democracy. And they don't think that we will sting them.